You're a open hearted giver who has big dreams & wants to help others.

 Yet you're over whelmed, exhausted and unfulfilled.


I'm here to empower you to access your own inner power, giving you the confidence and freedom to live life on your terms. 

Your Story May Sound Something Like This...

You have little time for yourself, and you feel guilty or selfish when you think about doing something just for you.

You’re the nice, helpful person, always going out of your way to accommodate and help others

You're always busy, you’ve got so much to get done, and you feel stressed and anxious because there is never enough time

And you have extremely high expectations of yourself and everything has to be done perfectly

You often feel tired and don’t have much energy

You don’t sleep well

You find it really hard to say, “No” 

You feel guilty and pressured to always do more or improve yourself and fix things because you feel like what you do is never quite good enough, there's a good chance you're a personal development junkie!

You find it difficult to ask for, and accept help

You’re always worrying about other peoples feelings while neglecting your own

You often feel lonely, unheard and unimportant, wondering why, despite your kindness, people are often not there for you when you need them

You lack confidence in some situations because you doubt yourself and worry what people will think of you

You tend to just agree and say, “Yes” to avoid conflict and confrontation preferring to keep the peace

You avoid your uncomfortable feelings by eating too much, drinking too much, working too much or spending more money on another pair of new shoes or your spending hobby of choice.


Don't Worry, I get it! 
This Was Just Like My Story Too

For years, I strived to achieve goals that pleased and impressed other people like my parents, boyfriend and friends.

I would morph to meet the needs of others and whom I thought they wanted me to be, because I had no strong sense of who I was.

I loved helping others and was so focused on what others needed to keep them happy, I had NO idea what I wanted and needed.

Naturally a kind-hearted and caring person, I became a people-pleaser, putting others first at the expense of my own health and wellbeing.

I had such high expectations of myself and others, I always felt disappointed because things were never ever good enough.

I asked myself questions like, is this really it? What’s the point? Why am I here?

I comforted myself with chocolate and cookies when I felt like crap.

I exercised because I didn’t feel good enough in my body and I was worried I would gain weight.

I went shopping because I thought things like, if I buy this pair of shoes, I’ll feel better about myself. 

I moved cities because I thought, if I live in this city, I’ll feel better.


My Turning Point

My Mum and Dad broke up and I felt shattered, miserable and lost.

I rushed into a relationship with a man because I felt so lost, thinking that would solve everything and my life would be perfect. That couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Even though my life on the outside looked great, I felt incredibly lost, confused, alone and empty on the inside.

I developed crippling anxiety. It was like I was living in a dark, constricted tunnel with no way out. That’s when I knew I had to take a good look at myself.

Because I realised I couldn’t be of any help to anyone, if I wasn’t in a good place myself.


My Transformation

Untitled design (6).png

I sought out counselors, therapists and coaches to help me.

I became a keen student of mindfulness, yoga and meditation and learned the fundamental importance of the mind/body connection.

I connected inwards to my internal guidance and I began to love and value myself enough to make new choices that nourished my mind, body and soul.

I learned the power of being connected in the present moment and listening to my internal guidance.

I let go of co-dependency, people pleasing and fixing others and developed a strong relationship with myself.

I stopped putting myself last, and giving away my power to others.

I stopped feeling like a failure, because I stopped comparing myself to others.

I reclaimed my personal power and stopped searching outside myself for validation, love and approval.


I Learned That Filling Up My Own Cup First Was Essential To Being The Best I Could Be, And That I Could Not Make A Difference In The World, If I Was Trying To Give From An Empty Cup.


I felt free to be ME, and started living life on MY terms.

I took a stand for my freedom by taking responsibility for myself, and no longer suffering in silence


Why Am I Telling You All This?

Because, depression, anxiety, mental health concerns and suicide are far too common today.

It breaks my heart to see so many people suffering and struggling inside.

I want to help YOU put an end to your internal suffering.

Butterflies can’t see their own wings. They can’t see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can.
— Unknown

This quote forms the basis for why I do what I do.

I’m on a mission to help you let go of striving and struggling to feel like you’re good enough.

I want to show you how to see your own beautiful wings and reconnect to the softer, yet more powerful energy of your true nature, so you can develop the confidence and freedom to be yourself.


I Am The Awakening Alchemist, Illuminating Your Path To Freedom

What does this mean? 

I show you how to connect with your inner guru, your own wisdom so that you can develop the confidence and freedom to live your truth in a joyful way.

You’re a big-hearted giver who wants to make a difference in the world. And the only way you can do that is by taking care of you first.

As woman, it’s time now to start loving, honouring and respecting yourself now. To be powerful role models for how we treat ourselves and expect others to treat us. 

Allow me to hold a safe, empathetic and confidential space for you to see your beautiful wings and remember who you really are.

Allow me to illuminate your path to emotional freedom.

Your path to freedom is not a straight line. It’s a spiral. Spirals represent the winding journey inward we must take, if we are to truly know and love ourselves. It is your unique path of reconnecting to your true nature, allowing you to be free to be yourself. 

What is emotional freedom?

Emotional freedom is letting go of:

  • The compulsion to seek approval from others
  • Comparing yourself to everyone else and never feeling good enough
  • Constant striving and pushing to achieve and prove your worth
  • Living in fear of failure, rejection, and criticism
  • False illusions and negative thought patterns
  • Self-doubt, worry and anxiety

My Alchemist Superpowers

  • Working with your subconscious mind to shift hidden blocks, patterns and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from following your heart and living your full potential
  • Illuminating your path to freedom by helping you to remember who you really are
  • Boosting your confidence and personal power by accepting and loving all parts of you